The Bonding between Movies and Sex

Hello guys, suppose you are with your lover or your life partner. Through a deep conversation, you have seduced her. You are kissing each other. You pulled her towards yourself. The sensation of kissing is going deeper and deeper. You both can feel each other’s hearts and create their own dream world with the smell of flowers, the song of birds and a piece of romantic music with a polite background. Suddenly, your neighbor starts a DJ song. Now tell me, do you have the same mood as before? NO right! This is why music has a special place during kissing, dating and having sex.
Generally, there are two purposes to turn on music during intimation. One of them is to suppress down the sound during sex and another one is to make a romantic world for the partner and make her comfortable. For the first reason, no extra explanation required. But for the second one, we need to be choosy about music.

Why We Need Porn Movies During Sex?

There are mainly two types of misconceptions are going on among adults. One side thinks sex is easy and another side thinks sex is quite difficult. Actually, it does depend upon the person’s experience and the situation. First of all, make sure your partner is fully ready to do it. If she not, never push her. Instead of blaming and being rude upon her, make her comfortable and give her some time to be ready. Now to make her comfortable, you need music. Music is a thing that can turn a devil into human beings then think what the combined power of love and music can do. You may be heard about Veda, the oldest book in the world library. There is a particular chapter about music and songs and the connecting power of humans to nature through music. Even psychology says, listening to music can cure so man mental diseases. Hormone regulation is one of the main characteristics of music. And love, kiss, and sex all are the game of hormone. So I think it is now clear to you the importance of music.
What Kind of Music We Should Listen During Sex?
No need to mention that soft music with a cold theme is the best option during having sex. You may be a wonder to know that according to psychology soft music has the power to reduce blood pressure. This is why always doctor recommended listening soft music to blood pressure patients. During sex blood pressure also increases, reducing it is the purpose of music. Now here is a list of Indian Bollywood songs with heart touching lyrics and soft music.
1. “Be Intehaan“ by Atif Aslam and the movie name is Race 2
2. “ Ang Laga de re” from Galiyon ki Rasleela- Ramleela
3. “ Haale Dil” from Murder 2
4. “Bheeege Hoth Tere” from Murder
5. “ Raat ka Nasha” from Asoka
These are some best examples of seducing songs ever. I hope you will like it and have a great experience.